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How To Ruin Your First Date

It’s been years. You’ve finally scored the girl of your hookup dreams. You’ve agreed upon a first date. Things seem great.

But all is not well. Why?

Because in the backdrop, you’re immature, amateur and overly brazen dating skills are about to ruin your chances at finally scoring.

Unfortunately, many guys go a little too crazy on a first date and ruin the night.

So let’s figure out how we can prevent that vital first date from being ruined.

Look Nice, But Don’t Go Over The Top

Dress to impress doesn’t always mean wearing a suit. When considering what you’ll wear on your first date, first consider WHERE that first date is going down at.

If you are just meeting at a happy hour, don’t overdo your outfit unless that’s how you dress for your job. If you wear a tie to work, fine, but loosen that baby up before you walk into the happy hour environment.

You don’t want to seem showy or as if you’re trying too hard to impress her. Be you (but at most, in a polo).

That said, don’t look like a dirtbag. Nothing wrong with t-shirts, so long as they don’t have last night’s microwaved lasagna splattered on them.

Lay Off The Axe, But Smell Good

For the most part, guys don’t need to do much to smell good. Mostly, just shower and wear a basic deodorant. If you MUST add some cologne, add just a touch.

Don’t walk in smelling as if you bathed in Axe body spray. That will “wreak” of way too much effort peppered with insecurity.

Plus, what girl wants to smell gold citron up in their grill for two hours?

That said, if you just worked out, clearly, shower. Avoid wearing a shirt that’s been tossed on your floor for weeks. If the cat peed on your favorite jacket, that’s out.

This is all pretty easy and obvious.

Don’t Try Too Hard With Your Stories

I’m sure your life is filled with an abundance of crazy, machismo stories. You’ve climbed walls and negotiated with terrorists and fought an amateur MMA fight.

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All cool stuff…but for your bros.

There is nothing wrong with a story or two, but don’t come off as a desperate guy vying too hard to impress your date. She’ll start interpreting your tales as BS. And at some point, you’re stories will overtake the date.

Let Her Talk The Most

Slow down, bro! Take a breath, bro!

Have you even heard her speak once?

Always make sure that she’s talking a good amount. Girls aren’t attracted to guys who dominate conversations. If you want to dominate in the bedroom, you’ll need to take a backseat at the conversation table.

Make sure to listen to things she says. Ask questions. Be engaged. Girls are used to guys who are self-centered, if you can prove your into what she’s laying down, you’ll be 10 steps ahead of the last guy she went out on a date with.

It’s not that difficult to listen to someone else talk. If you find it difficult, you need to relearn the game of life!

Don’t Be Negative

Check your negativity at the door. For some of you, this might be a difficult task. Before you start talking, ask yourself, is what I’m about to say fun, positive, or energetic? If no, find something else to say.

Don’t talk like a hypochondriac. Don’t talk about how much you hate one politician or another. Don’t bring up complete downer news stories.

Instead, opt to tell fun, positive stories that serve to keep everyone smiling. If you talk about the latest headline news about dying polar bears and then segue that into a story about how you’re scared you might have Lyme disease, the mood is sure to be ruined.

Life happens. That certainly means negativity. But save it for later. If the date works out, you’ll have plenty of time to shed tears over polar bears with your girl.

In The End…

First dates are essentially interviews. Fail to impress, it will be your last. Choose to be a downer, she’ll never return your calls again. In the end, just be you. Because that’s what she wants to experience.

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